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Causes to Fridge Repairs — Capacitors

The compressors of the fridges need a start capacitor, which will help the motor to start. But, regardless of the brand of fridge, you have got, these capacitors at times deny to work. And this happens to every brand of fridge, more so when it gets elder! It happens caused to the normal wear and tears. Most likely, you need a from a company that is into fridge repairs.

If you are to introspect the cause behind these failures, it is first overheating that causes these failures. Also, there are other causes as well. Start capacitors designed to halt in the circuit momentarily,  till the time the fridge motor takes to start.

And, if the start capacitor stays in the circuit for longer than that, it will get overheated and will eventually break down. When that happens, you have to summon fridge repairman in Staten Island, as there is no other way you can bypass the issue. And remember, this is as a most problem to not ignore.

A start capacitor on the whole fails to work, when defective, and its condition estimate by the fridge repairman with the help of a capacitor tester or an ohmmeter. Also, fridge repairman are capable to gauge the condition and health of the start capacitor by visual inspection. Often, change of the start capacitor is the sole way out.

With over 15 years of experience in fridge repair in Staten Island of New York, we are your local, trusted authority on appliance repairs. Appliance Repair Staten Island Company repair with all types and brands of fridges. Call us today at (646) 200 58-06.

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